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Open Letters to Rescue GAO: 7th Place Writter of Relay Writing, Postgraduate ZHAO Yangguang of Future China University

接力声援信营救高智晟7 103未来中国大學研究生赵阳光的信

Dear Congresswomen and Congressmen, Help Rescue Attorney GAO美国国会议员们,请帮助营救高律师!

October 3, 2007r , the 11th day of his secret arrest by CCP 今天是中共逮捕高律师的第11

Forward to:
All senators and representatives

CC: Heads of the Chinese Communist Party Regime Hu Jintao, Wen Jiabao
Forwarded through:
FAX: 0086 10-6536 8393
0086 10-6307 0900

Dear Speaker, Senators and Representatives:

I am ZHAO Yangguang, postgraduate of web-based Future China University. First of all, I would like to wish you and your families safe and happy and wish a more prosperous and stronger and peaceful United States.

Ladies and gentlemen, you may have been informed that my compatriot, the celebrated human rights attorney Mr. GAO Zhisheng was illegally arrested by the CCP Regime September 23 mostly due to his letter to your Congress exposing the vile status of human rights in China. No piece of message has been heard from or about him so far. His compatriots like me, confined freedom under the rule of CCP, are incapable of publicly standing up to protest and voice for Mr. GAO. This is because there are no freedom of speech, human rights and legal system but tyranny and totalitarianism. Consequently, it brings to my mind to write to the US Congress in the hope that the United States will assist attorney GAO Zhisheng and the Chinese people who should likewise have been sheltered by God.

Ladies and gentlemen, you can see my signature of anonym, which is made askew as if it came from a pupil of primary school. In fact, it is my left handwriting. Why so? If I used my normal right hand to sign, I will be likely to be identified by the CCP Regime by tracking my autography and thus threatened my personal safety. I have no other choice, no other way under the tyranny of the CCP Regime.

Ladies and gentlemen, GAO Zhisheng is one of the few counsels for public defense of Falun Gong against the CCP dictatorship. He himself is not a Falun Gong practitioner. Yet he argues and shouts loudly for the adherents completely out of brave sense of justice and conscience of human being. On the contrary, the CCP Regime's downtroddening and brutal suppression of these basic values, in adequate disclosure of its character against humanity. If the international community cannot become fully, soberly aware of such malignant regime, the victims will be not only the Chinese people but also the entire humankind! From the penetration of CCP secret agents to the United States and democratic Taiwan, from Korean War to Darfur genocide, from the CCP Regime's "Saber modernization program" to exports of toxic foodstuff and toxic toys, its evil doings have adequately verified the malignancy of the CCP Regime. Hence, the gallantry of attorney GAO Zhisheng is not just shouting loudly for the Chinese people and also safeguarding the justice, conscience, morality and future welfare for the entire human being. In front of such a man, no matter how much we do is within our duty for he is a brave and strong person guarding the mankind.

Attorney GAO Zhisheng mentioned in his letter that the head of IOC, Mr. Rogge publicly favors Beijing Olympic Games and President Bush also schedules his visit to Beijing for the game next year. I would like to remind you of is that these two heavyweight figures' adhesion will misguide the Chinese groups knowing nothing about the truths to sightlessly uphold the CCP Regime, thereby aggravating and prolonging the imperilment of the CCP Regime to China and the world. So, I would like everyone of you to pay solid attention to what Mr. GAO Zhisheng has referred to and thus reasonably, prudently treat Beijing game, instead of being deceived by surface benefit and offering last chance for the tyrannous pullulation of the CCP Regime.

Today is the eleventh day from when the CCP Regime seized attorney GAO Zhisheng. Ladies and gentlemen, for the sake of the values like justice, conscience, human rights, and morality, you are expected to exert Capitol Hill's influence on the rescue of "Conscience of China" - attorney GAO Zhisheng. Till the day when the CCP Regime disintegrates, all Chinese people will thankfully recall what you do today and keep alive the memory of your goodness for ever, for generations in future. It will be a time when the people of the two countries work together in building a world of harmony, peace and fortune.

Sincerely yours,
ZHAO Yangguang, postgraduate of Future China University


October 3, 2007

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Established online and presently sited at http://bbs.futurechinaforum.org, Future China University is a non-government university which is funded by Future China Foundation. As a virtual school, she is so lucky to completely flee the rule of the Chinese Communist Party Regime so that she can now serve as the only one academic institution mainly recruiting students from mainland China. She assumes the mission to revive Chinese traditional culture and develop contemporary education, setting up a demonstrating model for thousands of colleges and universities for early cleaning up the cultural residue from CCP's toxic brainwashing for decades in a China without CCP but more just, which is coming closer and closer. Her students mostly come from the Red Tyranny and get in classroom, do studies and participate in social practice by means of software tools breaking CCP's Internet blockade. Future China University belongs to Chinese around the world.
未来中国大学是在网上创建的一所民办大学,站点是“未来中国论坛”, 由“未来中国基金会”出资。她是目前唯一一所主要向大陆招生却丝毫不受中共控制的中国大学,承担着复兴中华传统文化、同时结合发展现代教育的使命,正在为 几千所中国高校在没有中共的未来尽速清除其几十年毒化洗脑的残留党文化树立示范样板。绝大多数学生通过突破网络封锁来校上课、参与社会实践。未来中国大学 属于全球华人。

One course of social practice designed is writing to the world to voice on behalf of non-government intellectuals from mainland China. When launching this campaign, we answered CIPFG's call for presenting yellow ribbon and use it as the sign representing our unwavering desire. From GAO Zhisheng's Letter to the Senate and the House of the United States we can thoroughly affirm that this attorney is credibly "Conscience of China". GAO said, "Changing China seems very hard … Changing China is easy, that is, through the moral awakening in every person." We share such view with GAO. Further, as forthgoers and pioneers alike in the endeavor forward, we are willing to delightedly constitute the rock bottom foundation of the future China along with Mr. GAO who is expected to assume a very important office through public election quite soon.

Attached to every letter is a collection of our teachers and students' signatures given with left hands. Why are they left-hand? Because CCP's secret agents can be found wherever we turn away from CCP in the world, no matter whether it happens at home or abroad. Should we sign the letter with normal right hands, CCP would be quite likely to trace our teachers and students by identifying their handwriting characteristics and further jeopardize their personal safety.

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