【川普讲话回顾】2019年川普第二次见刘鹤前讲话(之1) (视频)

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川普刘鹤二次会谈前 记者会(视频截图)


Remarks by President Trump Before Meeting with Vice Premier Liu He of the People’s Republic of China

Issued on: February 22, 2019

Oval Office
2:31 P.M. EST

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  It’s a great honor to be with the Vice Premier of China, a very highly respected man in China.  And we’re negotiating trade and the trade agreement.  And we have many representatives from China and — as you’d know, and most of you know who they are — many representatives from the United States.
总统川普:非常感谢你。能够和中国副总理在一起,他在中国是非常受尊敬的人。我们正在谈判贸易和贸易协定。我们有很多来自中国的代表 - 如你们所知,你们大多数人都知道他们是谁。(这儿还有)很多来自美国的代表。

I think we’re getting along very well.  Ultimately, I think the biggest decisions and some even smaller decisions will be made by President Xi and myself.  And we expect to have a meeting sometime in the not-too-distant future.

And I can only say talks are going along well, but we’re going to have to see what happens.  I think there’ll be some points that this group won’t agree on because maybe they’re not supposed to agree on, allowed to agree on.  And I think President Xi and I will work out the final points, perhaps.  And perhaps not.

So I just want to say, Mr. Vice Premier, it’s a great honor to have you.


PRESIDENT TRUMP:  And we thank you very much.


PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Would you like to say something?

VICE PREMIER LIU:  Okay.  Thank you very, very much, Mr. President.  It’s a great honor to meet you.  I came here — first I bring a message from our President.  If you don’t mind, I ask the interpreter to read the letter to you.
刘鹤:好的。非常非常感谢你,总统先生。很荣幸见到你。我来这里 - 首先我从我们的主席那里带来一封信。如果你不介意,我请翻译给你读这封信。

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you.  Please.

So, you can hear fine?  You’ll speak for them.

INTERPRETER:  Okay.  Message from President Xi Jinping to President Donald J. Trump:

Mr. President, 

As China and the U.S. are holding another round of high-level economic and trade talks, I entrust Vice Premier Liu He to be my Special Envoy and ask him to bring you my warm greetings and best regards. 

Not too long ago, you sent to me a special letter of festive greetings, together with the lovely video made for me and my wife by your grandchildren on the Chinese Lunar New Year.  We enjoyed the performance greatly and were happy to see that the little ones have kept improving in their Chinese.  We watched the video more than once and feel that we must (inaudible) for these adorable grandchildren of yours.

I’m also pleased to note that, to follow through on what has been agreed upon between the two of us in Argentina, our economic teams have, since lately, engaged in intensive consultations and made significant progress.  This has been well received in both our countries and in the wider international community.  It is my hope that our two sides will continue to work together in the spirit of mutual respect and win-win cooperation and could redouble our efforts so as to meet each other halfway and reach an agreement that works for our mutual benefit. 

Mr. President, I stand ready to be in close touch with you through various means.  Please let me know if you have any specific thought in mind. 

To conclude, my wife Peng Liyuan and I wish to extend our season’s greetings to you, Melania, and your family.  May you all enjoy happiness and success in the Year of the Pig.

PRESIDENT TRUMP:  Thank you very much.  That’s very nice.  Say “Thank you very much”; I would really appreciate if you would just give my warmest regards.
总统川普:非常感谢你。那非常好的。(川普转向刘鹤)说“非常感谢你”; 我将非常感激,如果你能转达我最热烈的问候。

The video he’s talking about is a video made by Ivanka and Jared, and it’s — their children speak fluent Chinese, even though they’re very young.  They were taught, at a very young age, Chinese.  And when President Xi met Arabella, who’s the oldest, he said this was like perfect Chinese from a — at the time, it was 5-year old — from a 5-year old girl from Beijing.  And I thought that was nice.  And they actually made a little video that they sent to President Xi.
他正在谈到的视频,是由伊万卡和贾里德制作的,它是 - 他们的孩子们会说流利的中文,即使他们还很年轻。他们在很小的时候就被教过中文。当习主席遇到阿拉贝拉时,最年长的孙女,他说这就像一个完美的中国人 - 当时是5岁 - 她好像是来自北京的一个5岁女孩。我认为那很好。他们实际上制作了一个小视频送给习主席。

And if you want, we could even give them — I’m sure the press wouldn’t like to see the video but — (laughter) — if you would, just in case you would, I think it would be fine.  If you’d like to do that, Jared, you could just give it to a few of the people.  But it was — I thought it was a very nice thing.  And it shows a great friendship between the two countries.  And that was really just a “Happy New Year” wish that was given in Chinese by Arabella — mostly by Arabella and her two brothers.  So I think it was — I think it’s good.  I wouldn’t mind if you gave it.
如果你们愿意要,我们甚至可以把视频给你们 - 我肯定媒体不希望看到视频。但是 - (笑声) - 如果你愿意的话,万一你愿意,我认为没问题。如果你想这样做,贾里德,你可以把它给一些人。但它是 - 我认为这是一件非常好的事情。它显示了两国之间的友谊。这实际上只是“新年快乐”祝福,阿拉贝拉用中文传递的 - 主要是阿拉贝拉和她的两个兄弟。所以我认为这是 - 我认为这很好。我不介意,如果你把视频送人。(待续)